This Is Your Brain On Lockdown Loneliness

Where it comes from, and what to do about it.

“Sometimes when I’m at the grocery store, I pay with cash so I can feel the cashier touch my hand as she gives me my change.” — Carmen Sisson

I read the story holding this lonely text yesterday, and only afterward realized it was written on July 30th, 2018: two years before the pandemic. It now seems eerily ahead of its time.

And the new normal isn’t normal.

via Adam Davy

Why do I feel loneliness normally?

“But in lockdown, you still have those close and intimate friends, right? Even if they’re not here, right now, none of that has changed. So why are so many more people feeling lonely?”

Except, 2020.

Why do I feel lockdown lonely?


What is it doing to my head?

Dorsal raphe nucleus in the brainstem (dark blue) and its pathway of release (light blue).

The takeaway

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